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Our Businesses

Armada Data Corporation has three business lines that produce the majority of the corporate revenue and potential growth opportunities for the organization.  Armada Data’s business lines are fully integrated to create efficiencies and drive up ROI.


CarCostCanada:  This member-based business caters specifically to Canadian new car buyers that are in the decision making phase of their vehicle purchase.  CarCostCanada members are entitled to Canadian new car pricing information specific to dealer cost, factory incentives and subsidized factory financing rates.  Possession of this information coupled with CarCostCanada’s Best Price formula empowers our members to get the Best Price on their new car acquisition in addition to a seamless and pleasant buying experience.  On top of the membership fees, CarCostCanada generates revenue by way of:

  • Our new car dealership lead generation program
  • Our Buy Now program
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Website advertising sales


Armada Insurance Services (AIS):  AIS works exclusively for Canadian insurance companies claims departments to provide required and accurate new vehicle pricing guidance during the total-loss settlement process.  AIS uses CarCostCanada’s current and past-model data and incentive information to supply their insurance company clients a Replacement Vehicle Report that contains the price of a new replacement vehicle as well as the accurate pricing of the vehicle that just sustained a total loss (written-off). (TCM):  TCM is an online magazine that caters to Canadian new car buyers who are in the market or researching new vehicles.  Many popular online automotive magazines feature new vehicles that are built and packaged for the American marketplace, TCM’s model is strictly Canadian.  TCM has a Canadian automobile journalist, photo-journalist and editor – if you are buying a new vehicle in Canada, TCM is the best logical choice.  TCM is poised for growth with new features being blueprinted as well as advertising sales and sponsorship opportunities being offered up.  TCM is also a new car buyer referral agency for CarCostCanada; the news, reviews and pricing all tie together to make Armada’s B2C websites a go-to destination when a Canadian buyer is preparing to buy or lease a new car.


Armada IT Services:  Our IT group services the requirements of our online properties and the company’s staff. By using a combination of internal and external resources Armada is able to carefully manage expenses, maximize efficiency and deliver exceptional responsiveness across all facets of the business. In addition to serving our own requirements, the IT Services team provides technical support and managed services to small and medium sized business across Canada. Our hands on approach to IT has resulted in an extremely loyal customer base. Delivering services such as website hosting and email services using both internally owned and partner supplied resources ensures that customer receive an unbiased, best in class IT solution.