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IT Support

Are you having IT Problems?

You have a Virus, You’re getting tons of Spam, Your Email is broken, Your Computer is always Freezing Up?

We Can Help! Stop losing Valuable time…

– Our team of dedicated technicians are here to ensure that you are getting the optimal return on your IT investments. We use the most advanced diagnostic and communication tools to make sure your downtime and maintenance costs are reduced to the absolute minimum.

Click here to access our online help desk and submit or manage a support request.

Remote IT Support

– We also offer you instant online support. Using Citrix GoTo Assist Express we are able to connect to your computer (either Windows or Mac OS) and witness the problem you are experiencing. This service allows us to save you a significant amount of time, which will result in less downtime and increased productivity. Call us now at 1-866-395-8816 to “Get Help Now”.

Networking Solutions

– Armada IT Services supports the full range of network and connectivity needs – local to wide area network setup, remote user access and VPN – as well as local connectivity and wireless application development and deployment.

Data Management & Online Backup

– We assist with all data management needs: local data assurance, data redundancy and availability. Take advantage of our Remote Data Services. Get your data online, available to you and your staff 24/7, in a secure, safe environment. Call for a quote today, rates start as low as $5 per year for 5  Gb. Call us now at 1-866-395-8816 to get started.

Disaster Recovery

– We design and implement disaster avoidance plans as well as recovery and disaster management with minimal downtime.