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How to setup your Armada Data ActiveSync email account on Apple iOS 7 devices

Setting up your ActiveSync™ email account that is supplied by and hosted on Armada’s mail server on your Apple iOS 7  device is very easy, please follow the steps below and you will be up and running in about 10 minutes. These directions should apply to the iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPod Touch 5Gen and any iPad running iOS7.

Get started by selecting (tap) the Settings icon.

Then select Mail, Contacts, Calendar

Then press Add Account (see the image below);

From the list of account types, select “Exchange” as shown below:

Enter your email address and password. The description is optional. See the image below.

During the account auto discovery process you will see the message shown in the image below. Select the Details option.

You should then see exactly the information shown in the image below. If you get an exact match, you can select the “Accept” option in the top right corner as shown in the image below.

Now, ensure that the email address and username are filled in with your email address (i.e. In the server field, enter “”, then press the “Next” in the top right corner of the screen as shown below..

Now, as shown in the image below you can select what type sof information you would like synchronized on your handheld device. What ever data you decide to sync will be mirrored to your handheld from the server and it will be synced with your desktop or WebMail account. Once you have made the selections, tap the “Save” in the top right corner.

Now you should be all set. If you require additional assistance, please contact us by email at itsupport @