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Outlook Sync Installation

Follow the steps below to install Outlook Sync except your situation is described by one of the cases below

a. If you are not currently using MS Outlook, you can skip the steps related to Backing up and Restore of previous Outlook Data
b. If you are currently using MS Outlook with multiple email accounts, please contact Armada Support team via email to itsupport @ armadada dot com (make the appropriate substitutions) to provide the best installation procedure for your case


1. Backup your email settings and messages

Depending of your MS office version, the export version could be located in a different location. in MS Outlook 2013, select the File option from the menu and then, select Open & Export. Select the option Import/Export


Select Export to a file form the list. Click Next


Select “Outlook Data File (.pst)” from the list of options. Click Next


Select the mailbox to backup. Make sure to include all subfolders. Click Next


Provide a folder and a file name for the backup. Click Finish


Click OK to finish


2. Download Outlook Sync from the following URL

3. Install Outlook Sync

Run the installation program. Select your language and click Next

Accept the license and click Next

The installation program will try to detect the version of MS Office installed. If the version is detected correctly, click Next. If not, enable the “Disagree with detection” option and select the right one from the drop down menu

Select the “Skip Smart Discover and configure manually” option. Click Next to advance

Provide a name for your New Outlook Profile. Also enter your email address and your name

In the username field, enter your email address.

Enter your password in the password field.

In the Hostname field enter

SSL security is optional.

Click on the “Test settings” button to check if your server, username & password settings are correct. If so, click Next  to advance. If any error occur, please double check your settings and try again.

In the outgoing section enter the port 366 and enable the option to use same settings as incoming. Once more, click on “Test settings” to check if your settings are correct. Click Next to advance

In the next window, it is recommended to use the default installation folder. Click Next

Your installation should be now completed. Click “Finish”. Microsoft Outlook will now run.


4. Restore your messages and settings

It is now time to restore your mailbox data from the backup taken on step 1. Open the Import/Export wizard

Select the option to import from another program or file. Click Next

Select Outlook Data File. Click Next

Locate the backup file from step 1 and click Next

Select the folder receiving the data and enable the option to include subfolders. Click Finish to start the import process. It could take longer before it completes the import depending on the size of the backup file. Please be patient and let it finish completely


5. Activate Outlook Sync

After installing Outlook Sync, the product will work in trial mode for 30 days with full functionality. If you want to test the product without activation, skip this section.

With your username and password, login to webmail and click on the “Tools” menu. Select the “Licenses / Integration” option. A new window will open.


Under the “Icewarp Outlook Sync” section, click on the link “Show license”. Select the text displayed (Activation Code) and copy it by pressing CTRL + C. It is a good idea to paste (CTRL + V) the copied text into a Notepad document to make sure it was copied correctly.


Back in MS Outlook, open the Outlook Sync settings dialog by going on the Add-Ins menu and selecting “IceWarpSync Settings”. Once the new window opens, select the “License and updates” tab. Click on the button to open the License window. Select tab labeled “Online Activation”. Paste the Activation Code copied from Webmail and click on “Activate License”. If everything is OK, your license will be activated and you can close the window by pressing the OK button.

6. Configuration steps

The options in the settings window for Icewarp Sync are very clear and self-explanatory. If you need help with any option, please contact Armada Support Team. The “Synchronization” tab is the one we want to provide some info.

This is how OutlookSync works. It synchronizes the content of your mailbox on the server with the content of your local Outlook file (PST). Changes made locally will be uploaded to the server. Changes made to the server via webmail or from your smartphone via ActiveSync will be updated in Outlook. The “Synchronization” tab allows you to define what folders will be checked for updates every minute (default) and the ones you want to check for updates on a different schedule because they are not very active. The folders not enabled will not sync automatically but when selected in Outlook to see their content they will sync. In other words, they sync on demand.

See below the screenshots for the various tabs under the Icewarp Sync settings window.





Your product is now installed and configured. If you need to contact us for support, please do so by emailing us via itsupport @ armadadata dot com