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Setting up Armada ActiveSync Email on BlackBerry 10

Setting up your Armada Data ActiveSync email account is very easy on BlackBerry 10 devices. Just follow the directions below and you will be online in a few minutes.

  1. In home screen tap “settings”
  2. Tap “accounts”
  3. Tap “Add account” at the bottom
  4. Tap “Advanced” at the bottom
  5. Select “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  6. On the next screen enter the following info
    1. Description: ex:
    2. Domain: leave blank
    3. Username: your email address
    4. Email address: your email address
    5. Password: your password
    6. Server address:
    7. Port: 443 (default)
    8. Use SSL: ON (default)
    9. Use VPN: OFF (Default)
    10. Push: ON (default)
    11. Sync Timeframe: 30 days(Default)
    12. Tap “Next” at the top
    13. Select items to sync (All by default)
    14. Tap “Done” at the top
    15. Your account is setup