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Dropbox Business FAQ’s

We are pleased to provide you with answers to the questions most commonly raised about Dropbox Business.

Q1: I have OneDrive Business included with my Office 365 subscription, why do I need Dropbox?

A1: There are numerous reasons such as; Smart Sync which reduces the space used on your device, Version history which allows you to quickly roll back any file to a previous version, Dropbox Business supports Office 2007 and newer, the Dropbox Badge enables collaboration. Dropbox enhances and simplifies sharing.

Q2: Is Dropbox really secure?

A2: Dropbox is super secure, the infrastructure uses encryption both at least and in transit. There are other unique security features such as certificate pinning, strong ciphers and advanced key management. In reality the weakest link in the system just might be your password. Yes, Dropbox also supports Two Factor Authentication.

Q3: Can I pay for our subscription on a monthly basis?

A3: You can subscribe on a monthly basis, but you will not receive the discounted license fee. If you are looking to try the product before signing up, let us know.

Q4:What is the minimum number of licenses?

A4: The minimum number of licenses is three.