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What’s New in IceWarp 10.4

There are a host of new features in this version of the IceWarp Messaging Platform. Armada Data is pleased to offer our customers this enhanced email application as the foundation of our messaging systems.

See below the highlights of the improvements that we have recently deployed;

Tablet Interface – The former Basic interface has been reworked for tablets and optimized for touch interactions. Adds support for SmartAttach, event recurrence, reminders, blacklists, whitelists, tasks, files and more. Lists can be paged by swiping the screen to the left and right, rotating the screen will rebuild the interface, hiding/showing less used navigation options.

Open In Office – Automatically opens and gives the possibility to edit documents in desktop applications Microsoft Office and free No need to download files and then upload them back after editing, the tiny built-in applet will handle it on the background. Supports 50+ formats of documents,  spreadsheet, presentations, and image file formats.

Outlook-like Folder Tabs – Similar to Outlook, WebClient adds one click switching between Mail, Contact and Calendar folders using large buttons at the bottom of folder tree. Less used Tasks, Notes, Journals, Files folders can be filtered using smaller icons. Can be combined with Favorites for greater management capabilities.

Drag & Drop Files from Desktop – Users can drag & drop multiple files from their desktop straight into the browser, for a seamless and intuitive file upload. Depending on the drop location, files will be uploaded as attachments, stored into File folder, or embedded as images in emails. vCard (.vcf) and iCalendar (.ics) formatted files can be dropped to address book or calendar to be imported.

Preview – The item preview pane gives users a general idea of an item’s content: title, description, photo, attachments and the full text description. Handy for checking lengthy notes or tasks without actually opening them or browsing through contact cards. Preview can be switched between horizontal (right), vertical (bottom) layout, and none.

Calendar Combined View – The new combined view allows for displaying many calendars side-by-side and still navigating easily, thanks to highlighting events of the same calendar by color. Multiple calendars can be included in the view by ticking their checkbox, they will be assigned a new unique color, while the original user-configured color tag will be displayed in a small strip.