For immediate Release: July 15, 2013

Armada announces the launch of all new website

Armada prepares shareholders and customers about more website enhancements to be announced


Mississauga, Ontario, July 15, 2013 – Armada Data Corporation’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Eli Oszlak (TSX.V: ARD) is proud and pleased to announce the official launch of the all new website.  The website has been evolved, improved and enhanced from several perspectives including but not limited to ease of use and a clearer message as to the necessity of the company’s proprietary Wholesale Price Reports to all new car buyers in Canada.  Oszlak reports: “The only thing that didn’t change on the website was the division’s legacy logo and the navigation bar; everything else was refreshed, redesigned and/or completely changed”.  Oszlak also indicated that the new site membership sales had spiked over the first 3 business days of the ‘old-to-new’ website transition; “this could be coincidence but I don’t think so since our bounce-rate has decreased significantly and our users are spending more time on the website” said Oszlak when asked about this very encouraging sales trend.
Ben Spatafora, National Director of the CarCostCanada division was very clear about his enthusiasm surrounding the launch of the new site:  “I’m excited to see the visual and technical enhancements to our website; these enhancements allow our valued members to build and price their cars and trucks with greater ease and with greater accuracy.  Along with our future plans, our proprietary new car wholesale prices will become even better as we continue not only developing our website but also catering to the car buying consumer in all Makes & Models right across Canada.”
It was revealed by Oszlak that CarCostCanada’s members and users should be prepared for more in the coming weeks and months.  “Although there’s now some competition in the new car Wholesale Price Report industry, CarCostCanada promised change and improvements and my team has started the delivery process” indicated a coy Oszlak when asked what can be expected.  The new competition has broadened the awareness-base of this new car buying tool and, as a result, appears to be well positioned to embrace the influx of new car buyers that are now realizing the vital importance of a Wholesale Price Report prior to inking a contract on a brand new vehicle.

About Armada Data Corp.
Armada Data is a Canadian publicly traded Information & Marketing Services Company providing accurate and real-time data to institutional and retail customers, through developing, owning and operating automotive pricing-related web sites and providing information technology and marketing services to its clients.  Armada’s information and marketing abilities have enabled the company to leverage that experience into the food and beverage industry by its acquisition of 90% of the issued and outstanding shares of The Big & Easy Bottle Brewing Company Inc.  The Big & Easy Bottle Brewing Company Inc. owns 100% of Mister Beer Inc., which invented, produces and markets the unique “microbrewery in a bottle” beer-making kit.
Armada Data shares are listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the trading Symbol ARD. Armada currently has a total of 17, 670,265 shares outstanding.
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