Tuesday, November 6, 2018 12:00 PM
“YouTube star ‘Motormouth’ Spencer to shine at Armada’s leading new car info portal”
MISSISSAUGA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2018 / Armada Data Corporation (TSX-V: ARD) is pleased to announce the hiring of Zack “Motormouth” Spencer to boost CarCostCanada’s multimedia presence. Spencer, a well-known automotive expert, has achieved an enviable record of success across a wide range of traditional and new media platforms.
“Zack Spencer is an ideal hire for us,” states James Matthews, President & CEO of Armada Data Corporation, “as he perfectly complements CarCostCanada’s strategy of bringing Canada’s most trusted online new car pricing service to every Canadian new vehicle buyer.”
“We’re confident Zack’s prodigious hands-on automotive knowledge and proven on-screen appeal through all types of media will strengthen awareness of CarCostCanada‘s information-packed website,” adds Matthews, “so that all Canadians can get the best possible deal on their next new vehicle while enjoying a fantastic buying experience in the bargain.”
A major key to Spencer’s appeal is his demonstrated ability to translate longstanding success on radio and television to online new media. To give some background, Spencer hosts “Motormouth”, a weekly radio show airing on BNN/Bloomberg 1410 in the Vancouver market. He’s also the host, writer and executive producer of ‘Driving Television‘, a Canadian automotive magazine TV show now in its 16th season on Global TV.
While remaining fully committed to those programs, Spencer is looking to the future via his popular “Motormouth” YouTube channel, a venue fine-tuned to fit the digital-centric lifestyles of a younger demographic. A significant and growing portion of YouTube’s membership have completely “cut the cord” from traditional media, posing a serious challenge to established businesses and their advertisers. Spencer chose to meet that challenge head-on, and by most any metric he’s nailed it!
“My main focus and the basis of my partnership with CarCostCanada revolves around ‘Motormouth’, my YouTube channel,” explains Spencer. “With over 55 million views, more than 100,000 subscribers and over 1.4 million views per month, ‘Motormouth’ is the go-to YouTube channel for Canadians seeking the latest new vehicle news and reviews.” CarCostCanada can now expand, exploit and explore new opportunities in the online mediasphere with Zack Spencer spearheading the effort, and by the sound of it he’ll hit the ground running. “I have been reviewing new cars since 1992 and have won several awards for on-camera hosting and production,” states Spencer, “but even with all my experience reporting on the auto industry I was still surprised by what CarCostCanada can offer the car-buying public.”
“Getting insider knowledge about the real cost of a new car is amazingly empowering, and that was a real eye-opener for me,” adds Spencer. “I truly believe that anyone car-shopping today owes it to themselves to go to CarCostCanada.com and save money by finding out the real cost of a car.”
“Now that Zack Spencer’s on board, CarCostCanada can turbocharge our moves to make that happen,” sums up Jim Matthews. “We’re eager to begin leveraging Zack’s wealth of automotive knowledge and solid reputation with his viewers and listeners to help more Canadians with their new car pricing and dealer referral needs.”
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