For immediate Release: September 10, 2013

Armada Data Corporation’s adds four more Value Add Partners

Krown Rust Control, CARSTAR, OK TIRE & Discount Car and Truck Rentals now offer extra discounts to members

Mississauga, Ontario, September 10, 2013 – Armada Data Corporation’s President & CEO James Matthews is delighted to announce the balance of the first phase of CarCostCanada’s Value-Add Partners.  The Canadian-based partners are all directly related to the car business, are national organizations and have specific value(s) to the CarCostCanada membership base.  Gasoline, tires, body & paint repair, rust control and car rentals are all integral components of vehicle ownership and the savings are easily redeemable by the CarCostCanada member.
Matthews indicated that “the complete team at CarCostCanada including our national new car dealership network of preferred dealers is very impressed with the direction of our value equations and member benefits.”  CarCostCanada is following the lead of many other membership-based organizations in that they are making it a great deal easier for car owners to join their club since they mandate nothing but savings, transparency and a positive buying experience.
Ben Spatafora, CarCostCanada’s National Director commented that “a CarCostCanada membership not only continues to gain significant momentum amongst the new car buying public but it now starts to make economic sense for the car buyer/member after they have purchased their new vehicle”.
Robin McLeod, CarCostCanada’s Corporate Sales Executive, continues to quarterback CarCostCanada’s value add partner initiatives and has now embarked on new corporate partners to invoke reciprocal benefits for their employees, members and client bases.  Robin said that “car owners are part of the fabric of our society, regardless of the individual’s socio-economic background and our program is designed to save people money and embrace solid and reputable companies for their automotive needs”.
About Armada Data Corp
Armada Data is a Canadian publicly traded Information & Marketing Services Company providing accurate and real-time data to institutional and retail customers, through developing, owning and operating automotive pricing-related web sites and providing information technology and marketing services to its clients.  Armada’s information and marketing abilities have enabled the company to leverage that experience into the food and beverage industry by its acquisition of 90% of the issued and outstanding shares of The Big & Easy Bottle Brewing Company Inc.  The Big & Easy Bottle Brewing Company Inc. owns 100% of Mister Beer Inc., which invented, produces and markets the unique “microbrewery in a bottle” beer-making kit.
Armada Data shares are listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the trading Symbol ARD. Armada currently has a total of 17,670,265 shares outstanding.
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