The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken our dependence on I.T. to a new level. For almost a year people have been forced to become efficient and effective while working and learning from remote locations. The Work from Home (WFH) phenomenon, which has been gaining popularity for 2 decades, has become standard operating procedure for millions of Canadians. Students are also participating in remote learning exercises.
To successfully execute remote work and learning your I.T. stuff has to operate properly. If your computer is running slowly or apps are crashing, the frustration can be overwhelming. If you are having IT problems? Maybe you are thinking of replacing an old computer or tablet. Let Armada I.T. take care of your tech challenges.
Armada’s team of IT gurus have been keeping small and medium sized businesses running since 1996. Some of our customers have been depending on us for more than 20 years.
We have the experience, skill and in-depth knowledge required to solve your Windows, Mac or networking problems, quickly and cost effectively.
Take advantage of our no charge consultation and advice service by speaking to a live technician now.
Armada has just refreshed and enhanced our Armada IT website to make it easier for this new market to access our menu of products and services as well as a very affordable discounted introduction maintenance plan. Learn more about our Personal Computer and Small Business Tech Support here.
You can also reach our Armada Data’s IT tech support directly by calling 1-866-453-6995 extension 269.