For immediate Release: June 27, 2017
“CarCostCanada paves the way for a four-fold increase in Québec-based traffic”
MISSISSAUGA, ON – Armada Data Corporation is pleased and proud to announce a partnership agreement with LeaseBusters Québec in which the two will cooperatively run and manage the Québec operations of CarCostCanada. The venture will provide a welcome boost to CarCostCanada’s time-tested B2B dealer lead generation program in the province, with member referrals to participating new car dealerships expected to vastly increase.
LeaseBusters Québec has been marketing the LeaseBusters brand (“Canada’s #1 Lease Take-Over Destination”) to the province’s consumers since 2002. “With LeaseBusters’ many years of experience in the automotive industry,” states Tom Liebmann, General Manager of LeaseBusters Québec, “we have developed in-depth knowledge of what both customers and dealers want. As a result, we are well-placed to assist our clients in achieving a transparent and hassle-free car buying experience.” Backed by firm support from LeaseBusters Québec, Armada Data Corporation will be able to channel CarCostCanada to the Québec market in a much more robust fashion.
Founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of Mississauga-based Armada Data Corporation (TSX-V: ARD), CarCostCanada is Canada’s first and most advanced membership-based new car pricing website. Established at the dawn of the Digital Age, CarCostCanada has evolved to become a respected web-based service providing its members with a wealth of detailed automotive vehicle pricing data. Through their regularly updated website at, potential new car- and truck-buyers enjoy exclusive access to confidential comparative information including every auto manufacturer’s dealer-cost pricing, incentive programs (publicly advertised or not), factory rebates, and lease & finance rates. CarCostCanada also provides its members with unique and invaluable data gleaned from over 11,000 in-depth surveys contributed by members who have purchased or leased new vehicles in Canada.
CarCostCanada has always sought to be the go-to auto information portal for Canadians coast-to-coast. It wasn’t until 2015, however, that CarCostCanada established a French-language website catering to francophones in Québec, Canada’s second-largest province by population. In consequence, CarCostCanada’s marketing efforts in Québec have been handicapped. “The company’s English-language website receives a greater proportion of total traffic from Québec than the French-language site,” explains Jim Matthews, CEO of Armada Data Corporation. “It’s a discrepancy that sticks out like a sore thumb.”
Under this new, mutually-beneficial partnership, Tom Liebmann will be expanding his area of responsibility to include managing this joint venture and setting it on the road to success. Liebmann’s main focus will entail leveraging his Québec business in order to maximize CarCostCanada membership sales. “We are looking forward to assisting CarCostCanada in expanding its Québec member base as well as its network of affiliated dealers in Québec,” states Liebmann. “Being located in Montreal, our vast experience with the Québec car buying public allows us to understand the differences and nuances of Québec clients’ thoughts and expectations.”
“In terms of marketing, the province of Québec represents up 20 percent of the country as a whole,” according to Jim Matthews, “yet only about five percent of this crucial market is represented in CarCostCanada’s customer base. Working together with LeaseBusters Québec, we have a golden opportunity to bridge that gap.” Resolving this issue will enable CarCostCanada to fulfill its core mission to be a truly all-Canadian service offering benefits to all Canadians, no matter where they live.
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