Mississauga, Ontario, November 29, 2011 – Armada Data Corporation (TSX.V: ARD) is pleased to report its interim financial results for the quarter ended August 31, 2011 have now been filed on Sedar and are available to view on the Company’s website www.ArmadaData.com as well as on Sedar at www.Sedar.com .
Highlights for the Quarter compared to the same quarter last year
– The Company reported the highest first quarter revenue in the Company’s history
– Revenue increased to $777,324 versus $743,551 last year or an increase of 5%.
– Net income after taxes increased to $75,211 versus $74,201 last year.
– Insurance Services revenue increased to $293,656 from $261,325 or an increase of 12%.
– Dealer Services revenue increased to $255,532 from $239,174 last year or an increase of 7%.
– IT Services revenue increased to $44,649 from $28,160 last year or an increase of 59%.
– Shareholder’s equity increased to $1,752,012 from $1,522,186 last year or an increase of 13%.
The Company generated the highest first quarter revenue in the company’s history and the second highest quarter of all time and is now in the strongest financial position in its history. It is anticipated that Armada will continue to experience revenue and net income growth, moving forward.
Overall revenue increased to $777,324 from an IFRS adjusted $743,551 last year or an increase of 5%.
Subsequent to the first quarter, the Company declared a dividend in the amount of $0.005 per common share to all shareholders of record as at November 4th, 2011. The company also completed the acquisition of 90% of the issued and outstanding shares of The Big & Easy Bottle Brewing Company.
About Armada Data Corp.
Armada Data is a diversified Canadian publicly traded Information & Marketing Services Company providing data to a diverse group of corporate and retail clients. Armada also provides information technology, e-commerce and online marketing services to its clients.
Most recently, Armada acquired The Big & Easy Bottle Brewing Company, which produces and markets the unique Mister Beer Bottle Brew beer-making kit.
Armada is one of the very few profitable companies trading on the TSX Venture exchange. The company has been able to grow organically and profitably, while continuously improving its financial strength and solid balance sheet.
The combination of revenue and net earnings growth, coupled with increasing Shareholder’s equity, ample free cash flow, virtually no debt and an annual shareholder dividend is virtually unheard of with a Canadian public company of this size.
Armada Data shares are listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the trading Symbol ARD. Armada currently has a total of 16,359,154 shares outstanding.
Additional information relating to Armada Data Corporation is filed on SEDAR, and can be viewed at www.sedar.com.
For further information, please contact:
Armada Data Corporation
Mr. Paul Timoteo, President & CFO
Tel 1-866-453-6995 ext 224
Email: PT@ArmadaData.com
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