Mississauga, Ontario, May 30, 2011, – Armada Data Corporation (TSX.V: ARD) is proud to announce the official launch of www.PrimeSealRoofing.com. A website created by Armada for Prime Seal Roofing Systems Ltd. (PSR)
PSR, located in Toronto, Ontario has provided professional roofing services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area for over twenty (20) years, including many new home developers. They are dedicated to creating the goodwill and trust that ensures the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction.
Victor Maciel, General Manager of PSR, said “our new site now gives us the professional look I was hoping for. The site is now much more informative and easily navigable which will help our customers find the information they are looking for. We are very pleased that Armada was able to provide a fresh new design and produce the new site within a very short time frame. The fact that our team can add and revise the web site content whenever we need to, will ensure that our site is updated on a more regular basis; making it much more useful to our customers.”
Since the site was developed using a modern and easy to use content management system, the PSR staff will be able to easily send out updates and promotions via Twitter and Facebook without having to login to each site to ensure the website remains the central hub for all communication activity.
Armada’s I.T., website marketing and business development teams worked together with PSR to not only create a better looking website with a strong search engine rankings, but to turn it into a great selling tool as well, which will reduce the dependence on expensive and ineffective print ads.
“We recognized that having a website that looked good was only part of the equation. We also needed to have a site with good structure built in from the very start, to help us grow our business. With Armada’s help we are looking to grow our business by more than twenty (20) percent within the next twelve (12) months. Seeing the success that Armada has had with their websites gave us the confidence that they were the right group for us”, said Maciel.
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