For immediate Release: December 4, 2013

Armada’s MB Bottle-Brew Division Re-Launching Premium Pilsner

TSC Stores Negotiate a 30 day Pilsner Re-Launch Exclusive

Mississauga, Ontario, December 4, 2013 – Armada’s MB Bottle-Brew division’s Vice President and General Sales Manager, Steven J. Best (TSX.V: ARD) announced today that MB Bottle-Brew has re-launched their popular Premium Pilsner A skid of MB Bottle Brew - Premium Pilsner ready to be shipped.flavour as a result of the continuous and ongoing pressure put on the company by their loyal following of customers.  The Premium Pilsner, along with Brown Ale and Red Lager, was temporarily shelved for the past twelve months in favour of two popular flavours to allow Best and his sales team to introduce the Bottle-Brew product and the concept to distributors.
Headquartered in London, Ontario, TSC Stores “The Incredible Country Hardware Stores” The TSC Stores logowith 45 corporate stores in Ontario and Manitoba negotiated a December 2013 product launch exclusive with Mr. Best as TSC has become one of MB’s leading retail distributors and has developed a sizeable Bottle-Brew customer base.  “TSC is responsible for developing a very devoted Bottle-Brew customer base who were looking for more product variety; we had to deliver on this request to keep our positive distribution and branding momentum going” said a very passionate Steven Best.
Best has already had meetings with several other major retailers including Home Hardware about the Pilsner re-launch and he stated that all the discussions have been very positive.  Best went on to say that the Pilsner flavour will attract current Bottle-Brew customers who enjoy a stronger beer as well as new customers who are looking for more of a “hoppier” taste and aroma.  The Premium Pilsner brand has its own unique carton design that will catch the eye of current and new customers; the new carton also contains a needed carrying handle making it easier for customers to carry the product.
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