CarCostCanada was the first organization in Canada to offer Canadian new car buyers a solution to optimize their new car buying experience. In 1999, was the first e-commerce website to offer online, real time, confidential dealer cost (invoice) pricing on all new cars sold within the Canadian marketplace. CarCostCanada price reports also include the advertised and unadvertised OEM rebates, cash incentives and other factory discount programs that are not readily available for the public’s consumption.

Membership Service

CarCostCanada users must become a member before they can access Armada Data Corporation’s proprietary new car pricing data and confidential OEM rebates and discount programs. CarCostCanada has generated over 700,000 members since 1999 and the memberships continue to grow exponentially. CarCostCanada offers a complimentary PRO membership for buyers that are deeper in the new car buying funnel and a paid EXPERT membership for experienced users as well as those buyers that are higher up in the buying funnel who need to generate more new car price reports for comparative pricing purposes.

Lead Generation

CarCostCanada has partnered with over 500 new car dealerships across Canada to assist CarCostCanada members with their new car buying experience. The CarCostCanada new car dealership network consists of dealers representing all OEM makes who are experienced with servicing the educated CarCostCanada member and supplying them with a positive and memorable new car buying experience.

Overpayment Protection (never overpay)

Similar to Carfax reports designed to protect used car buyers from purchasing used vehicles that have had accident claims or liens; CarCostCanada dealer invoice price reports protect new car buyers from overpaying on their new vehicle transaction. With over 2 million new cars sold annually in Canada, CarCostCanada is poised to become synonymous with the new car buying experience.

How it Works

See the easy to follow pictorial and description below to completely understand the ease of the CarCostCanada process. Feel free check out the website and become a member. It all starts with the new car build and price tool.