For Immediate Release: October 30, 2020
MISSISSAUGA, ON – Armada Data Corporation (TSX-V: ARD) is pleased to announce the signing of a sales agency agreement with ETA Response Inc., an innovative auto technology firm located in Markham, Ontario. ETA has developed a premium, deeply customizable first response mechanism that auto dealerships can use to manage all of their online contact needs at an exceptionally low cost.

“This mutually-beneficial agreement will allow CarCostCanada’s dealer development division to present and solicit ETA’s cutting-edge product to new vehicle dealerships across Canada through our national dealer network,” states James Matthews, President CEO of Armada Data Corporation. “Our expectation is that many of these dealers will sign onto the program once they realize how advantageous it is, resulting in a significant streamlining of their service repair departments while at the same time, producing another recurring revenue stream for Armada Data.”

CarCostCanada is a leader in the field of automotive marketing information technology and is the nation’s first and most advanced membership-based new car pricing website. Founded in 1999, the company has grown to become the go-to vehicle information portal for Canadian car and truck buyers coast-to-coast. While the company’s longstanding online presence has made it a magnet for consumers exploring the ins outs of auto pricing, CarCostCanada’s dealer division, led by veteran vehicle sales expert Joe Glube, is making significant inroads with dealers aiming to strengthen their connections with today’s savvy auto buyers. The new agreement with ETA is merely the latest expression of those rewarding efforts.

Car and truck buyers today tend to contact their dealer electronically, a trend that’s gaining momentum apace with the improvements being made to the online infrastructure. This accelerating trend is reflected by a substantial shift of the process of booking dealer mechanical and body repair services to the online space. Trouble is, dealerships are staffed businesses that operate during business hours. Customers, on the other hand, need their dealer to be there for them 24-7, especially when problems arise. The omnipresence and efficiency of modern electronic communication means EVERY hour is a business hour.

Dealerships have recognized this critical disconnect and are determined to address the issue. “Our dealer customers have told us they’re often hard-pressed to effectively control the all-important ‘first message’ they send to their different types of customers,” explains Glube, Vice-President General Manager at CarCostCanada. “Many also find, despite their best efforts, that there’s variation in the response messaging depending on the dealer team member and department. ETA Response is an excellent solution to resolve this challenge through automation, guaranteeing dealer management that every customer receives a quality and timely first response.”

ETA Response is a privately-owned Canadian company that has operated in the automotive marketing sector since its founding in 2013. “We are very excited to partner with Armada Data Corporation in order to provide our proven Customer Engagement Platform to Canadian auto dealers,” according to Mikael Scaglietti, Product Alchemist at ETA. Canadian auto dealers can expect to see immediate improvements in customer-dealer connectivity after integrating ETA Response’s platform into their customer service infrastructure.

The advantages are obvious each and every online customer inquiry will be replied to in less than one minute! What’s more, this ground-breaking solution empowers dealerships with the ability to customize templates in a variety of intricate ways so that each reply meets OEM standards. It’s a seamless solution ideal for the digital age, as internet leads are engaged with an informative email that both simplifies and expedites the new car buying process.

“We truly believe that dealerships will benefit from this partnership,” states Sabrina Sammy, the Owner and “Boss Lady” of ETA Response Inc., “as we both share the common goal of enhancing the customer’s experience as the dealer’s image is crucial during the first reply.” CarCostCanada’s Joe Glube shares Sammy’s sentiments, stating “With ETA Response installed, both new and existing customers are engaged by their dealer positively and proactively, ensuring a smooth and timely transition to the correct dealer staff member. All of us at CarCostCanada are very enthusiastic about this partnership with ETA Response and we’re looking forward to introducing their services to Canadian auto dealers.”

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Founded in 1999, Mississauga-based Armada Data Corporation is a Canadian publicly traded Information Marketing Services Company providing accurate and real-time data to institutional and retail customers, through developing, owning and operating automotive pricing-related web sites and providing information technology and marketing services to its clients through B2C websites and through B2B applications. The corporation has pioneered an effective business model by capitalizing and monetizing new car pricing data that is not easily accessible to the general public or the business community.

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