A man ventures into the wilderness alone to see the things he doesn’t normally see in his everyday life. Unarmed without weapons or someone to help show him the way, he wanders aimlessly into the jungle. Without a guide, he passes by all of the hidden sights and sounds this amazing place has to offer. He is unsure what he should be looking for or where he should be going and eventually returns home without the real experience he was hoping for.
The CarCostCanada Mobile Site is your personal guide through the jungle that is the Car Dealership. We’ve been there hundreds of thousands of times before and we know where to find the hidden treasures that dealers have to offer. Let us show you the way.
Since the launch of our mobile site, users are seeing more of what we have to offer (117.23% increase in Pages/Visit) and looking more deeply into the information we provide (95.33% increase in Visit Duration).
We have given users the ability to tell their guide exactly what vehicle they are looking for and, in an instant, they receive, not only the full details of the car, but the incentives they didn’t know existed.
And the real beauty of the Mobile Site is that this can be done at any time from inside any dealership from any smartphone.
Simply visit carcostcanada.com on your smartphone.