January 7, 2021

Despite the widespread, case-heavy and more serious COVID-19 second wave that Canada is experiencing, the team at Armada Data Corporation keeps on plugging and working hard to achieve our objectives.

The regional and provincial lockdowns have directly affected Armada’s team’s ability to work side-by-side however an in-office skeleton staff show’s up daily to perform their duties that must be accomplished in the office while the majority of the team works diligently at their home offices.

December 2020 included some important update-worthy material.  One of CarCostCanada’s more senior Business Development Specialists resigned to take on a new role with a different company.  As one door closes, several windows open as Joe Glube, CarCostCanada’s dealer division VP has been interviewing several very qualified candidates to replace the team member.  More importantly, it’s business as usual because Joe built a very solid dealer development team who are putting in a little extra time to temporarily make up the void that was left by our exiting employee.  This wouldn’t have been possible 2.5 years ago when Joe took over the role.

The dealer development team remain diligent in working with the existing dealer network and prospective new dealership customers to keep them focused on the importance of online new car leads during this pandemic and the lockdowns.  Unfortunately, many new car dealerships are still struggling with the notion that if their business doesn’t maintain a robust marketing campaign, their sales volumes have nowhere else to go but……down.  Fortunately, Joe’s team are positive, pragmatic and diligent with their sales and customer service efforts which significantly limits the number of dealer customer “COVID related” temporary suspensions.

The CarCostCanada dealer team will remain very sympathetic to their dealer customer challenges that include inventory shortages, staff attendance restrictions and sales representatives not comfortable/experienced enough to work virtually with customers.

The CarCostCanada social media department has been working with many of our socially active dealer customers in order to combine our social efforts to remain active and relevant amongst our respective followers.  CarCostCanada social recently launched an initiative with several of our dealer partners that essentially takes over our Instagram account for a day.  This platform sharing project is designed to expand our respective follower bases while at the same time, provide some fun and interesting content for the followers.

And finally, the Armada Insurance Services team is working with a two of our bigger customers to provide a complimentary CarCostCanada Expert account to all the people that had their vehicle recently written-off by their insurance company.  The CarCostCanada membership will help these insureds with the acquisition of a replacement vehicle while at the same time, providing extra value to being a customer of their insurance company.  Although this program sounds simple to do, there are many speedbumps in launching a project like this.