For Immediate Release: Tuesday, Feb 18, 2010


January 2010 vs 2009 Highlights:

  • Insurance Services revenue up over 60%
  • Retail Services revenue up over 45%
  • Aggressive Google campaign continues to drive traffic up over 220%
  • Dealer Services revenue up over 90%
  • Advertising revenue up over 100%

Mississauga, Ontario, February 18, 2010, Armada Data Corp. (TSX.V: ARD) is pleased to announce
preliminary results showing the Company’s Retail & Insurance Services divisions experienced the highest
revenues in the Company’s history during the month of January 2010 versus the same period in 2009.
The Company’s 43r (Waiver of depreciation) Insurance Service, combined with the new ACV (Actual Cash
Value) Insurance Service drove the Insurance Services division revenue up over 60% in January.
Considering the relatively mild weather in January 2010, the company is very pleased with the results.
Due to harsh weather conditions, winter months are typically the Insurance division’s best performing
periods. As such Armada anticipates reporting positive results from both its existing 43r Insurance Service
as well as its new ACV Insurance Service.
The Company’s Retail Services division, which consists primarily of the Company’s flagship website, continues to benefit from an aggressive Google and Toronto Star ad campaign which
was launched in February of 2009. For the month of January website traffic was up over 220% and
membership sales were up over 45%.
The Company’s Dealer Services division, which derives its revenue from the sale of new car leads to
dealers, also benefitted from the increased traffic and membership sales at CarCostCanada. Additional
participating dealers coupled with higher revenues per dealer contributed to generating a revenue
increase of over 90%.
Banner advertising revenue on CarCostCanada and also increased over 100%.
Greater traffic and page views coupled with additional major advertisers drove the increase. Major advertisers included General Motors of Canada, Chrysler Canada, Volvo Canada and Toyota Canada. Asautomobile manufacturers continue to shift a greater portion of their advertising dollars towards the Internet, Armada’s websites will continue to benefit.
“Our unique ability to attract a very large number of in‐market new car buyers is what car companies are
looking to take advantage of and we are in a unique position to deliver the results they are looking for.”
said Paul Timoteo, President & CFO of Armada.
About Armada Data Corp.
Armada Data Corp. is a profitable web‐enabled Automobile Information Services Company providing
accurate and real‐time pricing data, to institutional and retail customers on a fee‐for‐service basis,
through developing, owning and operating automotive related websites and providing information
services to its clients.
Armada Data Corp shares are listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the trading Symbol ARD. Armada
has 13,665,497 shares outstanding.
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