For Immediate Release: January 20, 2021

MISSISSAUGA, ON – Armada Data Corporation (TSX-V: ARD) is proud to announce the release of “THE ROAD TO THE DEAL – How to Negotiate the Best Price on Your Next New Car”. The digital-only publication by Canadian automotive experts James Matthews and Joseph Glube is now available for purchase through the three most popular eBook online stores: Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, and Apple Books. In addition, first editions of “THE ROAD TO THE DEAL” (along with future updates) may be purchased online by consumers who are in or going to be in the market for a new car or truck.

“This ground-breaking new eBook is the culmination of a years-long project with an overarching goal,” states James Matthews, President & CEO of Armada Data Corporation, “which is taking away the THE ROAD TO THE DEALfear and anxiety associated with buying a new car or truck. Along the way, we discovered that removing the ‘mystery’ from the process benefits both buyers AND sellers, in that more vehicles are sold and long-term relationships are established.”

“Acquiring a new vehicle means making an expensive, long-term commitment” concurs co-author Joseph Glube, Vice President & General Manager at CarCostCanada, “and many new car buyers dread the negotiation process leading up to the purchase. Not everyone’s a born deal-maker, and the thought of ‘being taken’ is very common and very real. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way! This eBook provides everything an anxious new car buyer needs to confidently negotiate the best deal possible on their chosen vehicle.”

Matthews and Glube have drawn upon decades of experience in automobile retail sales – they’ve been both buyers and sellers countless times in the past, and in their current careers they see both sides of the car buying equation. “One thing we really want this eBook to do is to lower the temperature of the new car negotiation process,” explains Matthews. “Essentially, both sides want the same thing: matching a satisfied buyer with a new car or truck. Joe and I have found that being an informed buyer is the fastest route to becoming a satisfied buyer, who will then tell their family, friends and co-workers about the great deal they got. That leads to more business for the dealership. It’s rare in life that everyone wins but the new car negotiation process, IF conducted with candor, confidence and mutual respect, almost always ends well. Our new eBook was designed to produce that result one time, every time.”

“THE ROAD TO THE DEAL – How to Negotiate the Best Price on Your Next New Car” is a true game-changer that will level a playing field that for far too long, has been tilted in favour of salespeople trained to strike hard bargains and reap maximum profits. With that said (and in their defence), dealerships have always put a high value on Informed Buyers, and appreciate any opportunity to work with these buyers for mutual advantage. “We expect dealerships and dealer sales associates to make up a significant portion of the eBook’s readers,” confirms Glube, “if only to get a sneak peak at the other team’s playbook.”

Potential new car buyers have the most to gain from this information-packed digital guide to the new car negotiation process, however. Packed with proven tips, time-tested strategies, useful budgeting advice and even the odd amusing anecdote, “THE ROAD TO THE DEAL” is an essential resource for any Canadian contemplating the purchase of a new vehicle. Fortified with this eBook’s wealth of in-depth knowledge and enlightened by Matthews’ and Glube’s hard-earned tricks of the auto-selling trade, formerly apprehensive buyers will find they’re cruising the fast lane on the road to sealing their very best new car deal.

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